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Obama wins

2008-11-05 02:58:32 by Daioh

In case you didn't already know :D

Updated user graphics

2008-10-31 12:46:31 by Daioh

Insert newspost here.
You get the idea form the title.

so guise

2008-09-09 13:15:08 by Daioh

i herd u liek teh mudkipz

Realeased a stop motion movie

2008-06-08 14:37:52 by Daioh

check it out

Too lazy to animate

2008-06-02 12:03:01 by Daioh

I'm feeling too lazy to animate

I didn't have the skill to make a music vid, but I'm making a good stick movie to make up for it.
I'm also working on a fighting game which is expected to be released later this year, stay tuned for more posts.

Kaze Ni Naru

2008-03-23 23:50:21 by Daioh

I making a music video for the song "Kaze Ni Naru" by Ayano Tsuji.
It is better known for being the ending them of The cat returns.

This project will take a while, I want it to be my best submission yet.


2008-03-14 21:45:02 by Daioh


Misunderstood my FBF stick movie

2008-01-25 17:12:30 by Daioh

This isn't like a series, it more like a bunch of movies I'm doing to get better at animation.

Last version of Scribbler (DemiDraw) released

2008-01-13 10:01:51 by Daioh

I got round to releasing the LAST version of DemiDraw last night, i hope you all like/enjoy it, please leave a review, vote or suggest a collection for it. Thanks.